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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Good

I didn't care at all for the giant, poufy updo but I loved this dress, the color, the beading and even the butterfly sleeves. Her makeup was also extremely complimentary to the whole look.

Loved this sparkly, pretty, pretty princess dress! I liked the fact that she left her hair down and that the makeup is understated, it would have been very easy to go crazy and up looking like Barbie on crack. Her shoes (mercifully unseen in this photo) were AWFUL though.

The bundle of fabric on the shoulder is highly uneccessary but really? It's Christina Hendricks and she always looks amazing. I absolutely love this bright red color on her and the way it hugs her curves. I love a curvy lady!

I liked the simplicity of this dress quite a bit and I thought the color was very flattering. There is something to be said for dressing in simple, classic lines.

Never, ever thought I would pick Eva Longoria out for wearing something I liked and yet here we are. I love the neckline of this dress and the back had a surprisingly lovely cut out. I still don't like her though *laugh*

Helen Mirren, enough said.

Tina Fey is pretty good at picking out flattering dresses that look classic and lovely on her and the navy color was a nice contrast to all the nude dresses. Well done.

Catherine Zeta Jones definitely has an eye for colors that look good on her. Emerald green definitely seemed like the color du jour last night but the shape and style of this dress made quite an impact. The hair was a bit boring and helmet like though.

Hallelujah for a kid wearing an age appropriate dress to an awards show! This is Hailee Stanfeld from the new True Grit and she is only 14 years old. I love, love, love the fact that she manages to look elegant and very pretty and not like a 30 year old.

HOT. Curve hugging, bright red, glorious dress. The little black belt that hung down in the back further accentuating the curves and lovely corset detailing on the back of this dress made it one of my favorites of the night.

Another emerald green dress, another asymmetrical dress with a pouf on the shoulder and yet I like this on her. The pouf isn't too big or overpowering and the color looks fantastic on her.

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