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Thursday, January 6, 2011

a fail and a win

I don't do resolutions. I do goals.

a Fail
I had set a goal for Mr.S and I to start eating at home more often. This has been an epic failure so far on my part. *laugh* Of course on Sunday we had to load out the gear from Saturday nights show so we ate at Taste of Philly (YUM) before we got to venue. Then Monday we had errands to run so we grabbed a bite while we were out. Tuesday was Mr. S's birthday and of course we had to go out for that! He wanted BD's Mongolian Grill, which by the way if you have never been there I highly recommend it. It was delicious and you can very easily control your own portion sizes and what goes into your food. Yesterday night I had a semi-emergency trip up to Thornton so Uncle Shitty could help me change my brake pads so I didn't have time to make dinner. But Mr. S and I talked last night about how important it is to buckle down and start eating at home more often. I like cooking and I'm actually a pretty decent cook. And god knows it's cheaper and easier to just cook at home rather than going out all the time. So it's time to buckle down and get to work on that.
No really.
We will.

On the WIN side of things
I decided to quit smoking. I haven't had a cigarette since Sunday 01/02/11. I want one. I haven't had one. I spent last evening with Uncle Shitty working on my car and he smoked and I restrained myself from bumming one. My friend Cass the Yeti is going to give me her E cigarette so I can survive the club environment without buying cigarettes. Because honestly? I'm fine at home, I'm fine at work but when I go to the club? Well lets just say that I feel like I will be setting myself up for failure if I go into that situation unarmed so to speak. I plan on getting drops that have no nicotine in them so I am only replacing the motion of smoking which is really what I am addicted to. I know this about myself. I remember this game from before.
I can do it.
I always get what I want and I want to quit smoking.
Sometimes you just need a little bit of a crutch to get you through.

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  1. We found sugar-free gummy bears. And they don't suck. *smile*