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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Boys

Always handsome.

Trent all cleaned up and at the Golden Globes. Weird.

Kevin Spacey, always a class act.

Jeremy Renner looking fantastic in black on black.

I love Geoffrey Rush's hat. Made the look for me.

Ryan Gosling, one of my favorite actors looking good.

Oh Robert Downey Jr, trying to be a rebel by wearing a suit instead of a tux. Sorry, I love you but it just isn't working for me. PS get a haircut.

Only Johnny Depp can pull off the tux with the shirt open and no tie. Not to mention a wallet chain. Glad he left his scarf and multitude of accessories at home.

Colin Firth looking dapper.

Another black on black look that I loved. And he still looks handsome even with the beard and the long Jesus hair.

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