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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Bad

The hair was highly inappropriate for the dress and the dress was very, very blah on her. Way too old lady in my opinion. She reminds me of those Sad Sam stuffed dogs that I used to have. Remember those?

It's just all wrong to me. The light pink on the bottom just cuts her figure into pieces in a very unfortunate way.

I really didn't like the mesh at the top of this dress, and her having her hair down with this doesn't work at all. I do like the color though.

Great color on her but seriously what the hell was up with the asymmetrical dresses with the giant poufy things on the shoulder? JUST STOP IT.

Angelina Jolie wearing a dress I'd expect to see on Joan Collins or Linda Evans. Because you know what men love in a woman? Wide shoulders! Except no.

Again with the giant shoulders! Apparently this year we are heading to the 80's for our fashion inspirations. And the weird color of this dress doesn't do much for Anne Hathaway's lovely complexion. Meh.

Another emerald green dress, the color looks great on her but the draping of the fabric around her waist and hips is just way to unflattering to like this look at all.

Oh Halle, lingerie is never awards show apparel. The dress itself is okay, I don't love it but I don't hate it. It is just inappropriate for the red carpet.

Bad dress, bad hair, bad makeup. Heidi Klum usually dresses way better than this so it's a shame to see her trying out the 70's bohemian look which I personally cannot stand. Ick.

Again with the color being a win but the dress not so much. With all the cut outs this dress chops her figure up and makes her look blocky, which she very much isn't.

Oh J-Lo, I never really expect to like what you are wearing because I really don't care for your style however the sheer old lady capelet? Really? Really? And the disastrous ponytail. Methinks it's time to get a new stylist or three.

Where to start? The awful hair style? The wrinkles on the dress? How about the damned poufy, asymmetrical sleeve? There isn't one thing I like about this look. Not one.

This Little House on the Prairie dress looks like Leighton Meister had gotten it muddy prior to the show and she couldn't quite get all the stains out. Blah color and horrible design. Don't like it, no sir.

Another one who consistently dresses awfully which is really too sad because she is so lovely and is quite talented. This dress looks like it was made with the wallpaper my grandparents used to have in their laundry room with macrame used for the straps.

Natalie Portman normally dresses lovely but the last two awards shows she has picked some truly ugly dresses. The giant bedazzled rose on the dress is purely awful and that shade of pink doesn't really flatter her complexion.

Nicole Kidman seems to favor a certain color palette so much that she seems to make sure her skin, hair and clothes are all in the same color family. I always liked it when her hair was redder and her color choices were bolder.

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