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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

We Are Family

   _Prompt: Community. __Where have you discovered community, online or
   otherwise, in 2010? What community would you like to join, create or more
   deeply connect with in 2011?_ (12/07)

I recently lost a friend of mine, Rachel also known as Moon and the community that gathered to remember her and to offer support to her family has been truly astounding. A facebook page had been created while they were in the hospital to help keep all of us who cared but couldn't be there up to date on what was going on. A blog was started, and in addition to the updates there was a button so people could donate money to help cover all the funeral and medical costs. They were able to give Mustard $4370 in donations. The sheer amount of giving and the outpouring of grief and memories and everything was so overwhelming. And people still realize that Mustard still needs help and support and so they continue to rally around him either physically or by just letting him know that they are there for him.

Here is where my lack of eloquence is highly irritating to me. I cannot begin to express how it made me feel to see so many people from so many different backgrounds posting comments for all to see about how Moon had touched their lives. It was truly amazing and wonderful to see how loved she is. Or is it was? No, she is still loved even if she has passed on. The spirit of community and giving among this diverse group of people truly touched me and made me feel as if not all was lost when it comes to humanity. 

As for what kind of community I'd like to be in during the coming year, I'd have to say the one I already have. I have a lot of truly amazing, wonderful friends. I have people who I know I can call if I need help and people who know that they can call me if they need help. It's good stuff. 


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