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Thursday, December 2, 2010


Every day I get an email from Dictionary.com with the word of the day. It is one of my favorite things ever. I love learning new words and being reminded of how wonderful the English language can be. Even though I post them everyday on Facebook I decided to post them here too. Because I can.

tristful \TRIST-fuhl\, adjective:
Full of sadness; sorrowful.

  • Indeed, it is hard to trace folly, for that it is inconsequent, to its start; and perhaps it savours too much of reason to suggest that the prejudice was due to the tristful confusion man has made of soul and surface.
  • George had retained his mourning, a tribute completed down to the final details of black gloves and a polished ebony cane (which he would have been pained to name otherwise than as a "walking-stick") and in the aura of this sombre elegance his straight figure and drawn face were not without a tristful and appealing dignity.
  • This iron grating was the most necessary feature of all, for I intended that on the other side of it my relations should range themselves -- I mentally ran over the catalogue, and saw that the whole gang was present, all in their proper places -- a sad-eyed row, combined in tristful appeal.
  • Here they ended, and the children began again, not to chant but to sing .. a strange and tristful tune, wilder than any that vragrant winds could play on the strings of an aeolian lyre:
  • It has a very tristful and taciturn expression ....
  • Suzette had tristful eyes when they rested upon this cemetery.
  • There, gazing o'er the vast main with tear-filled eyes, with saddened voice in tristful soliloquy thus did she lament her land:
I don't think this word gets used very much anymore which is a shame. It's a lovely word

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