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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Letting Go

Prompt – Let Go. What or whom did you let go of this year? Why? (12/05/10)
 Letting go has never, ever been an easy thing for me. I've always felt the 
need to hold onto things for far too long. Both when it comes to people
and things. 

This past year I have learned a lot about myself and what kind of people I
want to have in my life. I started letting go of people who caused drama 
in my life, people who sucked the life and energy out of me.  Letting go of 
people who used me for thier own ends and gave nothing to me in 
I also started letting go of a lot of my baggage. I've carried it long enough. 
It definitely isn't easy to set some of these things down but I don't want it
or need it anymore. I've let go of a lot of my insecurities and my 
hang ups. I have been learning how to move on, how to look at things
more objectively, how to not to be so damned sensitive. 

I'm working on it every day. 

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