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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Today is day one of the Reverb10  project? challenge? I suppose both words are accurate. Anyway today's prompt was to pick one word that sums up or encapsulates the year 2010. I chose ameliorate as my word because it means to make or become better or to improve and 2010 definitely was a year for betterment. Both externally and internally.  A lot has changed for me and in me.
A lot of the internal changes started last year but truly began to bloom this year. I have always prided myself on being open minded but this past year has seen me truly opening myself to possibilities and ideas that I never would have considered before. I have discovered a lot about myself and what I want out of life and my relationships. I have been striving for self awareness, self fulfillment and learning who I am and trying to be who I want to be not just who I was told I am. It hasn't been easy and a lot of the time it isn't a whole lot of fun, but I am happy and I am proud of the progress I have made and yet I am still aware that I have lots more growing to do.

The biggest external change was the change in my living space. I moved into a big ole house with Mr. S, Aggro Ginger, Hippie Ginger and the Doppelganger roomie. 

Mr. S, Aggro Ginger, Everyone's Favorite Hawaiian DJ & Hippie Ginger (courtesy of Studio Apocalypse)
 me and the Doppelganger roomie, neither one of us think we look particularly alike but we do both happen to wear glasses and have bangs with dark hair. I suppose when you are drunk at the club that's enough similarities...
And I have to say that I am way happier there than I ever thought possible. Having grown up as an only child in a single parent home I am not used to living with this many people. But we all get along really well, we respect each others space and privacy and we all know when to leave each other be. Plus everyone loves on my kitty which makes her very happy too.
The Beast herself

 I think the word for 2011 will be focus. Focus on the important things and forget about everything else. Focus on taking care of my health, my finances, my car, my relationships. Focus.


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